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Version: 0.2.3

Module: NativeJSRef




toPlainNativeJSRef(ref): NativeJSRef

TODO(T122223365) Temporary solution to make new JSI-based native media objects work with the old React Native architecture. For example, the drawImage of the canvas expects a NativeJSRef, which itself only needs to have an ID property with a UUID that resolves to an object on the native side.

The new JSI-based native media objects have this ID too to make them compatible with current approach of sending objects between native and the JS thread. However, a JSI-based native media object might have other properties and functions that aren't serializable by the bridge.

This helper function only selects the ID property of the ref, which guarantees that the resulting NativeJSRef object is serializable.

This function can be removed once all callsites have been migrated to use the new React Native architecture.


refNativeJSRefA NativeJSRef or a native media object.



A Plain NativeJSRef object with only the ID property.